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Why Do You Need a Chatbot for your medical practice Website?

Almost every other website has a chatbot or a dialogue-based pop-up. It can perform many tasks, like getting your customer care contact information to provide you with the necessary information for a query. It is one of the best ways to reduce mundane and repetitive tasks for your employees. Additionally, you can provide your customers with a method to contact you at any time. Moreover, automation of such tasks improves efficiency and customer satisfaction. Hence, you should get a chatbot for healthcare websites.

What are chatbots?

A chatbot is a software application that is used to imitate conversion with the customer/viewer to ease the flow of information. They are a website’s pop-ups that ask you if you need any help. They are what you would consider an automated messaging system. Chatbots can convincingly “talk” the same way as a human. They are primarily used to provide information on FAQs. 

The thing about chatbots is that they are not truly “smart”. Chatbots are not capable of learning or formulating their thoughts or answers. They only provide information that is given to them. They might be a simple program compared to thousands out there. However, they are a powerful tool that every healthcare website needs.

Chatbots Vs. Conversational AI

Conversational AI is the programming that equips software to mimic human talk and carry out dialogue-like conversations with customers. This combines natural language processing (NLP) and traditional automated meaning or text-to-speech programs. Chatbots can use conversational AI as a base, but that is not a requirement. The Chatbot is the actual program that communicates with people.

Chatbots Vs. Virtual Agents

They are similar in the way that they are dialogue-based software that provides information based on queries. However, virtual agents are so much more complex than chatbots. For one virtual assistant utilize AI. They can scan a customer’s query for tone and intent and provide meaningful responses. Whereas Chatbots can only scan for pre-defined phrases and filter their reasons to the phrase.

Why are chatbots important for healthcare websites?

  • Save time on mundane tasks with chatbots

You can automate tasks like manual appointment scheduling, patient tracking, and reminders and confirmation. This allows your staff more time to deal with higher priority tasks. Moreover, it’s an easy way to improve office efficiency and time management. Your clinic can easily schedule appointments without the intervention of front desk staff. Moreover, you can automate tasks, such as appointment reminders and treatment confirmations.

  • Easily collect and store patient data 

When scheduling appointments, the software can record patient information and store it locally or on the cloud. With such services, you have patient data at your fingertips. Additionally, you can filter patients according to age group, geographical location, bookings, and treatment. This gives you a better opportunity to understand your customers and their needs. Moreover, such customer data provides insight into patterns and trends in your patients’ dental healthcare.

  • Automate FAQs

Answering your patients’ FAQs is crucial for customer satisfaction. But it can be a mundane and repetitive task. Something that you can easily delegate to a junior or a software. Since most chatbots scan for defined phrases and provide information on that. They can easily be used to answer FAQs. This means that you improve your customer satisfaction due to promptness and you don’t have to pile on work for someone else.

  • Collect feedback from patients

Feedback is one of the most important ways to gather information on patient experience and service quality. Moreover, it eliminates the manual creation and recording of forms. You can set up the software to process and store the data securely and promptly. This way, your patient can fill in the form when they are free and you can filter the feedback. Additionally, this gives you an insight into areas that you can improve on.

  • Set medication reminders

Your customer will forget to take their medication due to several reasons. Those may range from busy schedules to forgetfulness, or old age. You can have your chatbot remind your patient to take medication when they log into the website or app.

How do they work?

A simple chatbot is also sometimes called a rule-based chatbot. On the user’s end: when a user poses a query, the chatbot scans the query and provides an answer or relevant information. This is a bit more complex on the software side. When the programmer builds a chatbot, they do so on a process flow or a flowchart. This means that the person designing it has to define events, a set of pre-defined phrases and responses. The programmer will have to predict queries and how some of them are related. And then write up responses for them.

So when a user queries information, the chatbot scans the query for keywords or phrases. Its algorithm links the key phrase to an answer and retrieves it. After that, the bot displays the answer a few seconds after the user posts the question. The answers can contain numbers, texts, images, and links to relevant pages.

AI-based chatbots have a far more complex functionality than rule-based chatbots. Since they run on an AI framework, the chatbots can understand tone and intent by scanning the query. Additionally, they have the ability to understand open-ended questions and comprehend orders or commands. Moreover, due to the AI base, they continue to learn through customer interaction. Which means that they get better after each indication.

Where should you use chatbots?

With the immense amount of benefits that chatbots bring, a healthcare website should undoubtedly have one. However, websites are not the only place you can use chatbots. Messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram are popular platforms. Additionally, you can use chatbots in your service mobile app and emails.

When can you use chatbots for your healthcare website?

There is no time like now. However, with the amount of chatbot servicing companies, you should not make a decision hastily. Research extensively and decide on a budget. You should be sure of what tasks and actions you would like your chatbot to perform and how. With the basic information ready, you should check what companies offer and how they will integrate the chatbot into your website or app. Remember, conduct a test drive to see how the functionalities are and how smooth the operation is running before you go full-scale. We can help you with all the digital marketing needs for your medical practice. Contact us today.

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